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Women’s Fitness Masterclass

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Women’s Fitness Masterclass
About the Women’s Fitness Masterclass

It is good to take time to go back to basics once in a while as not only do approaches to fitness change, but our bodies change over time with age, childbirth or just changing the pattern of what we do day to day.

This indoor workshop will give you ‘how to’ tips and techniques to take away and apply to all your fitness activities including the Original Beach Workout, your local bootcamp, aerobics, sports, a home routine or the gym.

In this session we will take the time that isn’t usually available in group exercise classes to think about our own fitness and how to adapt the exercises for our own needs. We will break down the basic exercises that are the foundations of all classes to think about how we can improve our technique and adapt certain movements for our own needs, to enable us to progress safely.

The workshop will include a section on modern approaches to kegel/pelvic floor exercise and how this relates to our whole body as we move, incorporating breathing to become very much part of the exercises we perform rather than an isolated exercise.

You will put the techniques into practise as part of a 30 minute workout circuit followed by stretches that will be broken down. We will end with refreshments and a discussion about relieving tension at home.

The Women’s Fitness Masterclass will include:

  • Looking at our posture & talking about the anatomical differences that affect women’s fitness
  • Dissecting the basic exercises (squat, press up, lunge and plank) which muscles do they use, the perfect position, adaptations to suit you
  • Modern kegel (pelvic floor) exercise, incorporating the technique into your regular fitness routine
  • Putting it all into practise, a 30 minute workout circuit
  • Stretch and home practise