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Why you won’t hear weight loss as motivation from me

by follow me fitness
Follow Me Fitness trainer Nathalie

I’ve been reading an article about female body image and it led me to think about the language I use in my role of Personal Trainer/ Fitness Instructor for my business – Follow Me Fitness.

You won’t hear me talking about weight loss as a goal of any session or as a reason for doing what we do. Nor will I talk about fat or any notion around the perfect body shape. This may surprise you, because surely the goal of a women’s fitness instructor is to help women lose weight and get fit.

This isn’t how I see my role, as I strongly believe that taking part in physical exercise has the potential to make anyone feel happier and healthier. But that healthiness and happiness comes from being in a place that feels right for your own body, a balanced diet and the heady mixture of endorphins that movement and the natural environment gives you – everyone is individual. We come in all shapes and sizes.

As an individual, you will know how your body feels and if you need to make an adjustment to your lifestyle. Exercise gives us the power to be able to tune in more closely with our body and the exercise that I prescribe in my sessions will help you do that.

We live in a society of heightened awareness, a media landscape that we’ve never had before and as we compare ourselves to a mass market of imagery we have to council ourselves more than ever.

In the future we will have to refine our filter even more, as websites and social media give us suggestions on how to ‘Get rid of armpit fat’ or create ‘thigh gap’. Neither of these notions existed until someone suggested that we should feel self-conscious about them. In a way, my role is to be that filter and help everyone who comes to my sessions know when to filter, because these ideas are out there. Incidentally, armpit fat? Are you kidding me? Hang on, I’d best find an exercise so that I can work on my fat armpits.

I believe that weight loss can be one motivation for exercise, but it shouldn’t be the main goal. My goal is not to help as many women as possible lose weight, as that is what happens naturally with exercise. My goal is to help women be confident, feel good about themselves, take a break, go on an adventure and have the energy to enjoy everything they want to do. 

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