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Weekday Workout – Stronger Core

by follow me fitness

Build up your core strength at home or at the beach. Perform this set of exercises once as part of a workout or up to three times if you are practising at home.

Warm up

Warm up with a standing clap rotation and stretch. Stand with your feet hip distance apart. Take a breath and as you turn through your upper body to the right, bring your hands together above your head to a clap, turn and repeat to the left. Repeat eight times

Side bends; standing with your feet hip distance apart, hands by your sides, bend towards the right for eight and then towards the left for eight repetitions.

Standing leg lift; stand with your feet hip distance apart, balance on the left leg and lift the right leg to the side for eight repetitions and repeat on the other side.

Core workout

Forearm plank to straight arm plankA demonstration of a straight arm plank

Starting in a forearm plank, use your right arm to push yourself up to a straight arm plank, then drop back down to a forearm plank. Do four repetitions with your right arm leading, then repeat with your left arm leading.



Side plank then overhead reach.

Hold a side plank position on your right side with one knee supporting your (or if you are feeling strong, both feet long in a side plank) for 10 seconds then rest.

Then starting with your arm at your side, reach over your head in a wide arc and then back down by your side. Perform eight repetitions.

Repeat on the left side.




Leg extension or toe taps                    

Lying down, begin with your feet off the ground, legs at 90 degrees. Think about drawing your muscles in so that your back feels pinned to the floor. Extend one leg at a time, as far as you are comfortable. If this feels too much for your abdominal and back muscles, keep your legs at 90 degrees and tap your toes to the floor instead.

Repeat for 12 repetitions.




Superman to superman crunch

Begin on all fours, positioning your hands so that they are under your shoulders and your legs parallel with your hips. You can take a moment here to perform an upper back stretch (cat stretch) by taking a breath and rounding your back. Then keeping your back flat and your hips level, extend opposite arm to opposite leg. Carefully repeat, alternating sides for 12 repetitions.

Continue this pattern, but this time draw your knee in to meet your elbow (your back will curve) to perform a superman crunch. 12 repetitions.

When you have finished, return to your initial all fours position for a cat stretch.