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Try a new way to get fit on the beach – The Original Sandpac

by follow me fitness


If you love working out on the beach, take the gym with you! An ideal companion to your outdoor workout, the Sandpac was designed and made in Cornwall especially for working out on the beach. Use it to replicate most of the exercises you would do in the gym. Fill it with sand and it becomes a kettlebell, dumbell or a medicine ball. It is perfect for a travelling surf girl as it folds up flat in your bag and can be taken anywhere!

As part of your run simply roll it up and jog down to the beach and fill it with sand. The Sandpac trains you to listen to your body and work to your own level so there are no measurements for the weight of sand you add to the Sandpac, you just need to fill it with enough sand for the muscle groups you would like to train – so more weight for exercises using legs and bum that you would for shoulder and arm exercises. If at any time the Sandpac is too light or too heavy you can add sand or take some out. At the end of your workout empty the sand back onto the beach leaving no trace!


Order yours via e-mail to: info@followmefitness.co.uk

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