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My top five reasons to try Nordic Walking

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Nordic Walking in Perranporth, Cornwall

I started Nordic Walking because I  love being outdoors and I also love activities where you get to spend time with friends and share an experience while you are doing some good for your body.

Once you overcome any initial fears of looking silly (I’m afraid not a walk goes by where a passer by doesn’t mention the poles), you find that you become a proud Nordic Walker with great posture, walking with ease.

If you’ve been thinking about giving it a go, you really should and here is why:

  1. Anyone can try Nordic Walking
    Nordic walking takes only a little more effort than normal walking. The poles both propel you forward, yet they are also a useful stabiliser. Nordic Walking is great for improving fitness as it is accessible to all, but it is also useful as a method of cross training for people who enjoy a wide range of activities.
  2. Helps improve posture and reduce back pain
    Nordic Walking is great for people who have jobs that involve sitting for most of the day and for those who care for children. Anything where you spend a lot of time doing forward facing activities that can shorten chest muscles and cause a rounded effect through the shoulders. Nordic Walking exercises a full range of muscles throughout the back in a way that balances and strengthens those muscles.
  3. It is a great alternative to running
    Using poles distributes your weight more evenly throughout the body and can reduce pressure on the lower body and knees while still training the same muscles as running. This is particularly great if you find running uncomfortable or if you have an ongoing injury that prevents you from running.
  4. Ideal for pregnancy and beyond
    Nordic walking is great for pregnancy – pre and post-natal. The poles add stability which is perfect at a time when the ligaments between muscles are more flexible than usual, and as above, Nordic Walking will improve posture which will help with confidence. It is ideal if you are a runner, but you need an alternative for now. You can also Nordic walk while your baby can be held in a carrier.
  5. Reduces stress
    Any regular exercise will result in an increase in endorphins. But because you are outside, the fresh air, the colours and light of the landscape will help to reduce stress and make you feel energised.

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