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The Benefits of Nordic Walking

by follow me fitness

Nordic Walking combines the simplicity of walking with simultaneous core and upper body movement similar to Nordic skiing.  The result is a full body workout, which means that you:

  • burn up to 46% more calories compared to walking without poles
  • release tension in the neck and shoulders
  • improve your posture and gait
  • strengthen your back and abdominal muscles
  • reduce the  impact on the joints

Nordic Walking is a very accessible activity and something that can be shared by people of different fitness levels.  It is ideal for people who haven’t exercised for a while or who dislike traditional sports or gym activities.

Athletes can use Nordic Walking for cross training and incorporate Nordic running, it’s great for fitness enthusiasts who like to try new things.

A sociable way to keep fit.

You can read more about benefits of Nordic Walking on the INWA website.