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Soaking up the end of summer

by follow me fitness

As we move into a new season, it is amazing to reflect on how lucky we have been with the weather the last couple of months making 2013 a pretty memorable summer. The side effect of this good weather is that we want to stay outdoors for longer and soak up as much of it as we possibly can.  At times our evening workouts in Cornwall have felt like we could be in California or Australia as we have done our workouts alongside people kayaking, stand up paddleboarding, surfing, jogging, playing and having barbeques

My feet will miss the summer, they have grown used to being naked on the beach being massaged by the sand and grounding my body, being allowed to work with all of the tiny muscles in my ankles and feet. Indeed exercising outdoors has so many benefits – for a coastal dweller being able to exercise on the beach is a gift. Total barefoot training without the need for barefoot shoes simulating natural movement, the ability therefore to practise barefoot style with the sand taking impact at exactly the right spot and giving muscles the opportunity to strengthen.

Feeling grounded, the meditative sounds of the ocean, the fresh air and the colours all contribute to the way we feel – heightened by the positive effects of exercise. But this summer, our outdoor workouts had another benefit in that they brought together lovely groups of like-minded people – the workouts turned into fun, social events and new friends were made.

This coming Tuesday 17th will be the last of our evening beach workouts for this year as the evenings are drawing in which will be a shame, but I thank everyone who has come and exercised at the beach with me this summer, I really hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have.

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