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Beach workouts with the Sandpac TM

This summer, take the gym to the beach!

The Sandpac TM is a refillable weight, suitable for all levels of fitness and can also be used by instructors for a group class as it is light and easy to carry in numbers.

See the Sandpac TM in action.

The Sandpac TM can be used to replicate any exercise you would do in the gym. Fill it with sand and it becomes a kettle bell, dumbbell or a medicine ball. But unlike gym weights, it has a soft handle making it more comfortable to hold.

There are no measurements for the weight of sand that you add to the Sandpac, you fill it with as much sand as you think you need for the muscle group that you are using. This makes the workout tailored to you!

When you have finished training, simply tip the sand back out onto the beach. It is smaller than other types of sandbag used for fitness making it perfect for a travelling as it folds up flat in your bag and can be taken anywhere!

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