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Quick energising ab and cardio workout

by follow me fitness
Abdominal Workout on the Beach

You’ll need to find a dune that it will take you 20-30 seconds to get to the top or you could choose to do sprints on the flat instead.

The abdominal workout contains multi plane movements that will target all of the muscles in your abdominal area. there are nine core exercises broken up into blocks of three which you could stitch together in a few different ways. Here are two suggestions.

Hill running at Holywell Beach

  1. Perform each exercise and then do a dune run or a sprint. Continue through the list until you have performed each exercise. Then complete the full list of abdominal exercises with no runs in between. You will have completed 10 dune runs and 96 abdominal movements. More if you complete the optional Block 4!
  2. Complete a block of three exercises through twice, then run up the dune (or sprint) and then complete each exercise again with a run in between. Move onto the next block and repeat the same pattern, then the third block. If you still have some energy, complete the full list of exercises with no runs in between at the end.

Be sure to do a warm up first.

Do a combination of a gentle jog followed by windmills, shoulder rolls, leg lifts and squats.

The exercises:

Block 1.

Beach Workout Cornwall

  • x10 Ab crunches
  • x10 Bicycle crunches
  • x20 Straight leg crosses

Block 2.

  • x8 Plank opens
  • x8 Side plank crunch left
  • x8 Side plank crunch right

Block 3.

  • x8 Spiderman presses
  • x16 Mountain climbers
  • x8 Plank taps

Spiderman push-up or plank

(Optional) Block 4.

  • 30 Second plank
  • x6 Push ups
  • x8 Forearm plank to straight arm plank




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