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On the notion of being busy and making time

by follow me fitness
Fitness Instructor at Frensham Heath in Surrey

I read a blog post recently about being busy and about how the writer never answers ‘busy’ when people ask ‘How are you?’

There has been a lot written on the concept of being busy. How it is a badge of honor, how you are compelled that you should say that you are ever so busy otherwise you feel as though you are not like everyone else – the fear of missing out. However, the point I loved most about this particular blog post was this:

If Jeff Bezos has the time to hit the gym and have breakfast with his wife every morning; you and I definitely can make time for everything. Because I’m pretty sure that being the CEO of one of the fastest growing businesses in the world is a hectic job.

I never used to make time in the morning. I’d set my alarm to allow for just enough time to get dressed and go to work. I would often hit snooze and then have less than the desired time to get myself together and run to work – not in the fitness sense of the word. However, when I met and then moved in with my partner, it turned out that his routine was very different to mine as he doesn’t like to be rushed in the morning. In fact, he likes to sit down with a cuppa and allow time to think over what he has to do that day and leave the house in a civilised fashion.

Over time I have adjusted to his way of thinking and we now get up together and have some quality time on the sofa over coffee and the news before we leave the house.

You can argue that Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon probably has a lot of tasks done for him – and I’m sure he does, but I think this concept of making time is so important. Not just each for other in a partnership, but also for ourselves.

Being busy can have many facets. You can refer to a very busy social life, a packed agenda of training for fitness and of course the necessities of your home/work life and family which can make you feel very busy indeed.

What I am getting at here is the ability we all have to prioritise the things that are important to us. We should never be so busy that we don’t allow ourselves the opportunity to reflect on what is truly important and remaster our lives to fit that bill. After all, having time and being busy is the result of the structure we create every day. We have a choice when it comes to being busy and whether we want to be busy, after all prolonged busyness can lead to stress which can be detrimental to our health – so we should never feel like we have to be busy all of the time.

My choice has been and still is to take that time in the morning with my partner and constantly review my balance of work/life activities, so that I can prioritise the things that are important to me. It still isn’t perfect. But I am happy to take time to reflect on the framework I have made for myself and take steps to improve every day, as I am and as we are all are – a work in progress.

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