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Original Beach Workout

Active Mamas (from January 2018)

Exercise for Migraine

A workshop especially for those  who have a history of migraine.

Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is accessible, fun and beneficial to all, from someone wanting to be fitter to an athlete wanting to cross train. Using Nordic Walking Poles, the technique comes from cross country skiing and has the effect of super-sizing the effects and benefits of ordinary walking. You can find out more about Nordic Walking here.

Mix Nordic Walking technique with body weight exercises, for a full body workout using the natural environment.

Perfect for

  • Improving general fitness
  • Pre & post-natal women
  • As part of a ski fitness programme.

 Strength & Stretch

Strength & Stretch is a fitness class influenced by yoga, pilates and body strength techniques for a relaxing, invigorating, yet challenging workout.

Set to music and suitable for all abilities, the class will use different techniques to improve muscle tone, core strength and stability while active stretching increases flexibility.