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Fun at the Beach Clean

by follow me fitness

My partner and I joined in with a Surfers Against Sewage Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue clean recently. I’ve seen local beach cleans promoted regularly, but this is the first time we’ve joined in!

I’m always shocked by the amount of rubbish that is down on the beach when we go there early in the morning to work out, or for a walk and it has become a matter of course to do a quick search across the sand, as I like to go barefoot and my participants usually do too. Sometimes I look for Lego which is a strange juxtaposition between the fun of searching for a tiny plastic dragon and sadness that they are washing up on our beaches in the first place and that looking for Lego is a thing.

We arrived a Perran Sands to find everyone with their beach clean t-shirts on, making their way across the beach like a crime scene. When we got our t-shirts and bucket, we wanted to catch them up! We were made to feel welcome by the team and so we felt part of the movement.

Hunting for bits of plastic including uncountable fragments of fishing net, packets, bags and nurdles (small plastic pellets) became a strangely mindful activity as not so much a phone vibration intruded on what we were doing. Only the sound of the sea focused our thoughts on helping to clear the rubbish.

You could even call a beach clean a fitness activity, as once you see something – only a sprint to the top to get it will do!

103 volunteers removed a 1000kg of rubbish from Perran Sands that day. If you consider that Perran Sands is only one stretch of beach, you soon think about the scale of the problem. Joining in with a clean is a really is an easy and accessible way to help make a difference. You don’t even need to wait until there is an organised beach clean in your area. #2minutebeachclean encourages everyone to spend a few moments on their own mini clean – and as we found, it can even be fun!

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