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Follow Me Fitness features in FitPro!

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Fit Pro Magazine Feature nature-inspired workouts

FitPro is the professional magazine for people in the fitness industry and having read it since I started teaching fitness 10 years ago – I’m really thrilled to have made it to its pages!

Despite a more military style of outdoor bootcamp fitness being popular for quite some time, the fitness world is only starting to pick up on the benefits of exercising outdoors. The increased awareness of  ‘wellness’ has quite a lot to thank for that as people yearn for simpler experiences and a back to basics kind of life. Experiencing nature and being outdoors is only going to become more important to people in an increasingly electronic world.

When I first moved to Cornwall, I was really surprised that everyone wasn’t out there doing Californian style workouts on the beaches here. Cornwall is absolutely made for it, with so much choice within short distances. You can enjoy a playground of huge dunes and waves on the north coast and more sheltered beaches that are perfect for swimming on the south. There is still only relatively few instructors teaching outdoor fitness in Cornwall, but I’m sure that will change!

Fit Pro Magazine feature Nature Inspired WorkoutsIn FitPro, I am part of their Nature-inspired workouts feature – under Sand! The beach is my gym for sure, I’ve taught workouts on the beach over the last five years which was the inspiration for the design of the Sandpac TM mentioned in the article which my partner and I created, especially for beach workouts! But for a real flavour of an Original Beach Workout and the Sandpac TM, see us in action on this video.

For more information about the Sandpac, you can read about it here and buy your own from my online shop. But if you live in Cornwall or are coming to Cornwall for your holiday this summer, get in touch and join one of my Original Beach Workouts – it would be great to have you along!


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