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Barefoot beach running for a challenging wellbeing workout

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Barefoot beach running in Cornwall


When I yearn to feel the sand under my feet, from a winter encased in thick woolly socks and boots, barefoot beach running is the cure. You have to be brave to consider barefoot running in winter, but the reward is the exhilarating feeling that you have woken your senses.

Barefoot beach running can relieve tension, as the sand moves and massages your feet. So much tension throughout our bodies can be relieved through the feet and I believe the beach is the best place to try barefoot running as the sand acts as a shock absorber at just the right points for each individual foot strike.

Running on the beach can add a whole new dimension to your workout, as feels more challenging. The sand combined with your bare feet doesn’t have the same spring that trainers give you, so you have to use more of your strength to push to the next step. You may also have the wind adding extra resistance, but you also get the sounds of the sea and the special light that only exists at the coast

The beach is ideal for including a little workout as part of your run, check out my video for inspiration.

I love finishing my barefoot beach runs with a sun salutation, it hits all the right places and I feel energised and perfectly relaxed.

If you would like to start barefoot running on the beach, here are a few things to think about:

  • If you always wear cushioned or supportive trainers to run in, make sure you don’t give your feet a shock! You’ll get used to the sensation very quickly, but make sure you start out walking barefoot and build up to a jog, then to a run. Go out a few times before considering a more intense workout.
  • Be mindful of hidden objects under the sand. It is sad, but litter, or worse, discarded BBQs do get buried in the sand, so do a visual risk assessment before you run.
  • Make sure you know what the tide times are, so you don’t get caught out.
  • Remember when you have stashed your trainers for the journey home! I have been known to forget and have to pretend I’m casually beach combing!
  • If you are beach barefoot running in winter, be sure to warm up properly when you get home.


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