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Autumn Programme Launch 10 September – Original Beach Workout

by follow me fitness
Upper body workout at Perranporth Beach
This year say no to ‘must get fit’ New Year fitness resolutions, start your journey this Autumn!

On Sunday 10 September the Orginal Beach Workout Autumn Programme launches. The Autumn Programme is 15 weeks long, every Sunday taking us up to Christmas – the last workout of the programme is 17 December. The Sunday beach workout will be complemented by the Wednesday morning session and a FREE printable workout that you can do at your own pace and between group sessions.

The programme is broken down into five themes, each theme running for three weeks. Our first theme is Upper Body Strength.

The purpose of the Upper Body Strength sessions are to make you feel stronger through your back, shoulders, arms and chest. This will feed into improving your posture, making sure that you have a more even strength to counter act the effects of daily activities such as the way we sit, do chores, pick up children or the movements we perform through our work. Improving our muscular strength also improves how efficiently our muscles work to burn energy, therefore increasing our metabolism.

You will always have a good all over workout when you come the the Original Beach Workout so by coming to the session you will always be developing your general fitness. If you commit to as many sessions from the Autumn Programme as you can, you are guaranteed to be on your best form for the New Year – this year we say no ‘must more get fit’ New Year fitness resolutions’!

Join the Autumn Programme launch on Sunday 10 September at 9.30am and have the opportunity to ask questions, talk to me about your personal fitness goals and enjoy free refreshments at the end!

Each session is £6, (click here to buy in advance) with the option of buying a Class Pass in a block of 8 for £40.

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