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Follow Me Fitness was founded by Personal Trainer, Nathalie Morton from a passion for fitness, health and inspiring people.

I came to fitness as an antidote to office work – I was worried about sitting down for long periods of time. I initially joined classes or went swimming, although at this time, fitness just felt like something I should do rather than something I necessarily enjoyed. In these early days I found the gym intimidating and stuck only to the things I knew.

The enjoyment soon came as I loved meeting new people and I recognised that it made me feel good.

A combination of growth in confidence and stress in my personal life meant that I spent more time at the local sports centre.  I felt stronger emotionally and physically and I also met like-minded people who enabled me to go on adventures that I wished I had had years before.

I started to learn how to teach fitness, completely contrary to my arts based education and gained my first fitness qualification in 2008. I went to College in the evenings and then started teaching at my local gym,  I soon learned other skills such as spinning, aqua aerobics and took courses in pre-and post natal exercise.

I promote a lifestyle based approach to fitness. I’ve never believed that one approach or activity is the correct or right way. I believe that have to adapt to our circumstances in the time we have available and consider how much we enjoy what we are doing. I have very simple views on nutrition and follow the ethic of home cooked food and everything in moderation – being mindful of balance.

I have always wanted to create an environment that is supportive and not intimidating, so that women have the confidence to take part and create their own health and wellbeing journey.

Nathalie has had fitness articles published in SurfGirl Magazine, invented the Sandpac TM which has featured in national magazines, and is featured in the The SurfGirl Guide to Fitness, published in November 2015.